a term used in the PHILOSOPHY of Herman DOOYEWEERD. A ground motive represents the fundamental motivation or driving force of a CULTURE. It is the common spirit which gives a community its dynamics and controls its entire attitude to life. Ground motives exercise unconscious influence on individuals and societies. Dooyeweerd recognizes four basic ground motives in the development of Western society
   form-matter; creation-fall-redemption; nature-grace; and nature-freedom. In his view only the Christian ground motive of creation-fall-redemption exists as a radical unity that avoids dialectical tensions. The others are plagued reductionist tendencies which force a choice between one or the other poles of the ground motive. For example, in the field of PSYCHOLOGY, various conflicts exist between "humanistic psychology" and deterministic theories. According to Dooyeweerd these conflicts reflect the influence of the polar tensions of the modern Western ground motive of nature-freedom and not, as most, practitioners think, different interpretations of "the facts."

Concise dictionary of Religion. 2012.

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